• Benefits of using Real EZ Signs

    We will:

    • Store your sign panels for you in our secure storage
    • Provide posts and related hardware (unless you desire a specific color or material other than our standard white PVC)
    • Install your signs per your request and local signage guidelines
    • Provide you with a photo of the sign, once installed, to use in your social media
    • Repair signs during the course of the listing – your sellers can contact us directly with sign issues
    • . Remove signs at closing, expiration or cancellation of a listing.

    *Signs will be automatically removed on the date of expiration listed in the original installation request, unless we receive an update from the agent or brokerage at least 3 days prior to the expiration. We recommend removing signs within 3 days after a listing has sold or been cancelled. If we receive a request from a consumer to remove.

  • All Benefits for one flat fee per listing, regardless of the length of the listing.

  • How it works:

    On-going storage of panels is at no additional expense, and we will provide an initial free pick up of your panels and customize riders at your office. We have a set route schedule, and can provide expedited services when requested. We will also provide free pick-ups of new signs or riders on a standard schedule from our Preferred Vendors.


    a. For a flat fee for installation and pick up for each rider, we will place your custom riders or one of our stock riders, listed below, and provide bolts and nuts as needed

    b. Available Riders:

    • Coming Soon
    • New Listing
    • Price Change/New Price
    • ___ Bedrooms
    • View
    • Pool
    • Huge Yard
    • Open Saturday ___ to ___
    • Open Sunday ___ to ___
    • Open Tuesday ___ to ___
    • Open Thursday ___ to ___
    • Pending
    • Sold
  • Custom Riders:

    If you have custom riders, we can install if you provided.

  • Note: Our list of stock riders is constantly evolving. Please Contact US if the rider you desire is not listed above. We will also pick up custom riders from our preferred vendors for free.
  • Other Available Services


    • We can provide flyer boxes for your preprinted flyers. See our blog for How Flyer Boxes Can Be Used Effectively. If flyers are printed through our preferred vendors, we will pick up and fill flyer boxes on a weekly basis for $5 per week or flyer drop.


    • Come up short of Supra iBoxes? Don’t want to keep a dozen iBoxes sitting on a shelf? Request one of our iBoxes be installed. We will shackle the iBox to the location you request or the ideal location per our determination, with a door protection pad where needed, and leave the key holder open for you or your seller to place the key inside. We will provide sellers with a numbered key tag corresponding to their address in our database. No last names or addresses will be available directly on the key or to the public.